Pet Gallery

We love when our customers share their pets with us!  As a pet-friendly store, we always welcome leashed pets and we have free yummy treats for them every time.

Here are a few of our favorite customer's pets and their stories:


Julie McSpadin's dogs "Al Green and “Damnit” Lucy. (At least that’s what she thinks her name is). My two rescues love to fish. Dad took them this time alone and got the jackets wrong. I would never put Mr. Green in pink. They love their Nutri Source from Anglers and all the yummy treats!!"





Tim Dibble introduces "Beatrice--and she loves her Earthborn food"







Alana Cook submitted "This is Cooper, he is a 3 yr old Pug, enjoying the sun on the deck. He loves laying in the sun. He eats Acana Meadowland that we get from Anglers"






Bev Stewart's retired racing Greyhounds are our most frequent canine visitors!  Bev says "Vesta and Phoebe are both retired racing greyhounds. Unlike Vesta, who only had four races, Phoebe had over 100 races and, in retirement, still loves to zoom around the backyard reliving her glory days! Although one could argue that retirement has been her glory days as she and Vesta are spoiled pups! Vesta is 13 1/2 and Phoebe is 6 1/2 and they are both Angler Outfitters chow hounds. Vesta prefers NutriSource Senior and Phoebe gobbles down Earthborn Adult Formula."



Bev Stewart's Vesta "is a retired racing greyhound. She didn't win so only had four races! She's done much better in retirement as a "couch potato". She will be 14 this August and enjoys NutriSource Senior food from Angler Outfitters."







Nancy Dumars shares a picture of "Phoebe, happy and healthy on Earthborn grain free holistic dog food."








Margaret Hall loves her little Missy and says "Missy is five years old, and she eats Earthborn, which her momma buys from Mr. Bill at Angler. If she didn’t bark, she’d be the best puppy in the world."







Patti Wallace works for us here at the store and says "This is Murphy, he is an English Springer Spaniel and he loves his sticks. We were taking him for a walk at the Algonac State Park and this is what he found. He is on NutriSource Heartland Select and loves it."






Susan Deraedt snapped this photo and says "This is Jager and Trixie, last summer, on our patio. They eat Earthborne Holistic."




Stacy Sayers shared her story with us "These are pictures of our sweet Ginger who passed away late April of last year. Some of the last photos I took of her this past spring. We would always go to your shop to get her Diamond Grain-Free Beef and Sweet Potato. Even when we moved from SC to the Shores we came back to get her food there."







This picture of Desmond enjoying his first snow was captured by award-winning photographer Amy Feick

Amy recently switched him to NutriSource Chicken and Pea.  



Here's Desmond with the rest of his family L to R Max, Maggie on Avery's lap, and Des.  They all enjoy NutriSource Chicken and Pea.  Except Avery, of course.





Dawn McLeod's Buddy "is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever and loves any kind of food!"

Kristin Wylie made us chuckle when she shared "This is Roadie, our 7 year old English Setter. He enjoys boating, fetch, and chasing grasshoppers (or anything else that moves). When relaxing he likes to watch the birds with his pal Motley. When asked about his favorite food he said "Food? I like food! I love dog cookies! Wait...where's the food? I thought you said I was getting more food"




This is Tina Britz's "Mater the kitten just exploring the new world around her "




Anthony Towle shares the river with "Willowby and Ryleigh, best friends enjoying the river and some "Teamwork".








Hugh O'Neal's Siamese cat Cowboy "loves the Detroit Tigers."




Ashley Markel loves her "Begging beagles and a cat. Lol. From left to right Ginger 14 y/o Beagle, Nola 20 y/o cat, and Marina 2 y/o Beagle."




Brian Lorencz's Rocky "loves to go hiking"







Nathan Holmes shares a photo of Wazoo, his English Springer Spaniel.




Crafty Britz's Boom Boom loves spending time with him and chowing down on treats.