Whipping Rods - jerk fishing-

  • $ 79.00

Handmade whipping rods right here at Anglers Outfitters! These whipping rods are the whipping rods used by many for years. They have been designed by some of the best Whippers in our area. We start with a 7' Tuna blank and take out a section of rod that will give us the right amount of flex or bend when whip fishing. The blanks are lightweight so it is easy to fish with these rods for hours without fatigue.  WE have been making these as a custom choice for anglers for 4 years and now are offering them as a production rod using the most common features.  We offer a variety of thread colors and grip options but if you do not see what you want then drop us an email and we can create a custom whipping rod built to your specifications.

UPDATE 5-20-19: all stock rods are sold out for now. We are working on orders as they come in. IF you are interested then inquire about timeframe



  • overall length 50"

  • 5 guides - solid eyes- no ceramic

  • foam grips - rear 11"
  • fore grip 3" 
  • trigger real seat
cork handle available for $20.00 more. Cork orders will take 2-3 weeks extra to process because they will be made to order. grip size and length as well as thread will have to be specified in an email.