Dr. Juice® Tournament Scent

  • $ 10.99

Dr. Juice® Tournament Walleye Scent contains BOTH oils and water soluble ingredients, the same as natural living bait. It combines both scent and taste ingredients that large wary fish crave. It drives them to hit harder and hang on longer.

Mark Martin, winner of the 1990 Professional Walleye Trail Championship used Dr. Juice® Tournament Walleye Scent to produce his win.

How to Make Dr. Juice® Produce!

Dr. Juice® can more than triple your catch, according to the results of charter boat captains, guides, and fishing scientists. Only Dr. Juice® Tournament Walleye scent is “Species Specific,” employing the exact scent ingredients that walleye find irresistible.

Dr. Juice® is the only fish scent that contains these powerful strike stimulants:

Sex Pheromones - Trigger aggressive behavior.

Fear Pheromones - From injured baitfish which attract and excite predator fish.

Schooling Pheromones - From baitfish which helps predator fish zero in on your bait.

Special Amino Acids and Fish Extracts - Targets the fishes’ olfactory organ to stimulate the strike.


SHAKE WELL before each use. Apply one drop directly to live bait, flies, or lures. It’s concentrated and will last for 30 minutes. Re-application is recommended every 15 minutes.