To clean or not to clean, that is the question

Posted by Wilbert Barrons on

I had a conversation this weekend with a couple of fishermen about cleaning fish and transporting fish. They were ticketed for being in possession of mutilated fish.  The ticket was not because they did not know how to clean fish and did a lousy job of filleting ( a ticketable offense in my book ), they were ticketed because they stopped at the fish cleaning station in Port Huron and cleaned their fish and then continued on to the boat ramp to exit the river. A DNR officer gave them a ticket for cleaning their fish before leaving the river. The anglers plan on fighting the ticket in court but I wanted to put this out there and see if anyone else has ever had this problem and what your thoughts were on the subject. Is this a legitimate offense or is this being petty? What do you think?

st clair fish cleaning station

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  • Hi Gene, in St Clair that is the case but in Port Huron you have to backtrack to clean your fish after pulling the boat. Many fishermen stop at the station on their way in to the ramp to clean first, then continue on to the ramp.

    Bill Barrons on
  • I must agree with ED I have never seen somebody clean their fish and then pull their boat

    Gene Goyette on
  • Hi Ed, Unlike St Clair where the fish cleaning station is in the lot, the Port Huron cleaning station is near the mouth of the Black river and a mile from the launch ramp. Quite a few fishermen I know have always stopped at the station, cleaned their fish and then got back in their boats to exit at the ramp. Otherwise, you have to exit and go downtown to clean fish. I do see what you are saying about them being able to continue to fish but I think if they wanted to poach they would have done it differently. the poaching is a serious problem in that area and I would like to see those that violate get caught. All it does is hurt our fishery

    Bill Barrons on
  • That’s petty. With all the boats past the bridge that are so obvious, going in and dropping off their fish and going back out, it’s sick,,, but to give a ticket for a lawful action is the DNR being lazy and not focusing their actions on the real problem in that area right now.

    Timeye on
  • Their boat was still in the water, they intended on going back out after cleaning their limits. Otherwise that boat would’ve been on the trailer to go home. Good job by our DNR!

    Ed Kowalski on

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