2018 starts off Cold!

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2018 starts off in the deep freeze

Probably the biggest story for 2018 is the deep freeze we all find ourselves in. For our area of Michigan this will be the first time in 3 years that we had a awesome start to the ice fishing season! We have so much ice in our area that our own St Clair River has filled with ice and started to cause flooding due to ice jams. We usually do not see ice this early in the winter and not to this extent.

This week we watched while both the Canadian and the US Coast Guards worked the ice to free several freighters.  they also worked south o St Clair to free the ice and prevent the river from damaging any property. Way to go Coast Guard! 

  On another note, I received an email yesterday from Champion Foods about a price change that is in effect for both Orijen and Acana pet foods. That will be effective 1-8-18. We need time to update both in store and Online so if you are in need it might be wise to place your orders today rather than wait a day.  most 25# bags of food went up between $2-5$ a bag.
 We made a few changes to the website this week. Some you wont see but some you asked for and we were able to get it done. We just added a subscription service for most of the pet food. You can choose between weeks or months for your delivery frequency. This will apply to most foods but if you find a food that you would like to subscribe to and it is not showing let us know and we can add it.

We are considering adding a new line of frozen pet food this spring so if any of you have a preference please drop us a note and tell us what you would like to see.
  I also wanted to point out that most of the pet foods we have online also have a frequent buyer program and since we are a brick and mortar as well as online we can offer that for you. We keep track of it all and notify you when you are eligible for your free bag
 Our next newsletter we will be discussing some of the new fishing products that will be showing up at the store as well as online and some reports of the Ice fishing that is in our area,

 Remember, Shop Local, Shop Online, Shopanglers.net

 Wilbert B

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