Monday Aug 15th

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Well it is the dog days of summer and this year is no exception. The weather has been warmer than the last few years and the water temp in the SCR is 77 degrees.  last year at this time we could not buy a fish in the river and this year we are finding schools of fish all over. Bait fish are plentiful, Perch are in the system and there are hot spots of Walleye to be found from The North Channel all the way to the mouth of the river. Most Walleye are in the deeper waters but I am still getting reports of shore anglers getting fish after dark.  The Musky have moved in big time and are out in large numbers trying to steal your catch. One of the things I have noticed this year that I have never seen before is the baby walleye in the river. I fish the area surrounding the spawning beds south of St Clair and have now caught 5 walleye less than 4 ". That is a good sign that the beds helped this year.

Sturgeon fishing is in full swing and quite a few anglers are reporting nice catches. Don from fish in the zone Charters  has had some successful charters already this year.

 I have not been out in a week and I am starting to have withdrawals so maybe in the next few days. Not sure if I want to jig, drag harnesses or whip at night. All 3 have been doing well.

 Here is a photo from our Sturgeon Seminar last Thurs night. Jim was showing us how a 6' Sturgeon can fit in a net.... Nice job Jim :-)  

 Here is a link to Dons Charter Service if you want to go out and fish for some Sturgeon


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  • here is a link to Don’s Charter service

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