Averys Fishing Trip

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I took my grandson out fishing for the first time Monday night. I did a quick post from the river when we left (full of grammatical errors) but I wanted to get the information out quickly. So, today I wanted to fill in the blanks a little bit and also share some of the reports I have been getting the last few days. 

Avery and I decided to try to pull crawler harnesses in the river north of town Monday.  We went with the same program we did last week but did not have the same success. We fished as far north as Marysville and made several runs only to catch a few perch and lose a ton of crawlers to gobies. We put wyandotte worms on 3 of the 4 rigs so we could at least keep the rods in the water. 

Another angler was fishing the same area and he picked up 2 walleye in the same area so we knew the fish were there. I put away the drifting rods and gave Avery one of my jigging rods and taught him how to cast for a few minutes. Once he got used to the reel I showed him how to jig. While I was showing him how its done I had a walleye hit the jig. I gave him the rod and we netted our first fish.  That rod had a 1 oz ultra minnow (purple) with a purple majesty fin-s on it. So I gave him that rod to use and I used another setup with a 1 oz round ball jig (antifreeze) and a chartreuse fin-s. I had another on the line wthin a minute and after giving Avery the rod we lost the fish right at the boat. He got pretty excited at this point and started to get serious about jigging on his side. It took him about a minute and he says " Pappow, I think I have a fish....." He did, walleye #2. We put that fish in the cooler and he dropped right back in and hooked up again as soon as it hit bottom. We also netted that fish for #3. After that we hooked up at least 5 more times only to lose all the rest. All of these fish came in shallow water 12-18', close to shore and south of the big blue boat house. We really wanted to make 1 more drift but we ran out of daylight, had trolling motor problems and Avery was getting tired.


All of the reports I have been getting the last few days are all very encouraging. A little bigger fish are being found all the way from Port Huron to the North Channel. It has been said that early morning and late in the evening have been the best times for the bite. The only people I have not heard from the last few days are the whippers. If you have a report, please feel free to stop in and let us know how you are doing!

One of the reports I found interesting were from anglers out in the boats jigging long after dark and picking up walleye. I always stopped when the sun went down unless I was going whipping.... I will have to rethink that strategy.

I know a lot of you are thinking of the upcoming hunting season but for me, I still have my eyes on the river.

Enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend, spend it with family and friends and keep them lines wet...

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